PC Warranty Registration

One Year

365 days of coverage from the date of purchase.


Failed components will be replaced.


All the work is on us.

Registration Deadline

To be eligible for warranty coverage, you must register your product within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Warranty Duration

The product warranty will last for a duration of 365 calendar days.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty only covers hardware components that have failed in the normal course of operation. The warranty DOES NOT cover:

  • software or operating system issues
  • loss of data
  • accidental damage
  • liquid damage
  • etc.

Warranty Claims

In order to submit a warranty claim, call Malon Enterprises at (360) 926-1818. Warranty service is conducted in our Arlington, WA location. The customer is responsible for delivering and retrieving the item for us to repair.

Upon completion of warranty service, the customer will be notified. If the customer does not retrieve the item within 30 days of service completion, the item will be considered abandoned and may be recycled or re-sold. An extension to the pickup window may be possible if coordinated between the customer and Malon Enterprises.